We ask our community to share our commitment
to creating a welcoming marketplace for all

The JustSimpleSell Code of Community Conduct

Be Neighborly

We don’t all live next door to each other, but we think every JustSimpleSell experience can be better if we act like we do. We want JustSimpleSell to be the home of great opportunities for all.

  • Set fair prices, make fair offers


    We’re after that perfect marketplace equilibrium where everyone feels like they got a good deal. Prices and offers that reflect the real value of things help us get there.

  • Tell the truth


    We’re still looking for the place where this advice doesn’t apply, but it’s especially important here. Thorough descriptions of posted items and transparent conversations about the details of an offer will help everyone find more success more quickly.

  • Show up when you say you will


    “90% of success is showing up.” We think at least another 10% is showing up on time. Please show up. If you can’t make it on time, you’ve found another buyer, or you’re no longer interested in completing a sale, please let each other know.

Be Ethical

We have a zero tolerance when it comes to violations of good citizenship. This is a place to be your best self. If you infringe on the security, privacy, safety, or dignity of members of the JustSimpleSell community, you will not be welcome in our marketplace.

  • No bullying, no violence, no threats


    We prohibit acts of violence, verbal or written suggestions of violence, and any attempt to intimidate, harass, or otherwise violate the safety and wellbeing of others.

  • No discrimination


    Everyone who abides by our policies and standards is welcome here. Mistreatment of any kind on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disability will not be tolerated.

  • No misrepresentation


    Be yourself. We accept no substitutes. Impersonation of other people, other entities, or JustSimpleSell employees is not allowed, regardless of affiliation. And posting another person’s personal information in any form is prohibited.

  • No coarse or suggestive language


    We prohibit sexual harassment. If a member of our community reports vulgar or abusive language or behavior, we will take immediate steps to remove the offending user from our marketplace.

  • No scams


    We will remove any user who impersonates another person or entity, sends unsolicited messages to potential buyers, or sends misleading, fake, or malicious communication. If you’re on the receiving end of something suspicious, please it to us. 

Be Proactive

We ask members of our community to take their personal well being as seriously as we do by making good decisions about how and where to buy and sell.

  • Avoid phishyness


    Please don’t give away personal information such as email, phone number, or addresses. Communicate securely. Pay with cash. Do not make wire transfers or send money by mail.

  • Meet in a sensible location


    Please agree to meet in well-lit, well-trafficked public locations, and let a friend or family member know where you’re going.

  • Inspect items in person


    Please thoroughly inspect and test items before you complete a sale.

  • Report problems


    If you see something on JustSimpleSell that violates our policy, please it to us. If you have an experience with a buyer or seller that violates our standards of community conduct, take the appropriate action to safeguard your personal well being, and then contact us.

  • Rate each other


    We expect members of our community to earn high marks, and to give each other honest feedback on the buying and selling experience and help improve that experience for others.

JustSimpleSell will take action against known violators of this Code of Conduct. If you see something or experience something that doesn’t live up to these standards, please contact us. 

 We'd love to hear about your JustSimple$ell experience